“Working with something as immaterial as light, Sang Pil Bae materializes his unique style as an artist.”
–Marie Claire Maison


“He gives souls to ordinary objects turning them into objects of art.”
–Living Sense



Chimera Watts


Sang Pil Bae works with mechanical precision with sober aesthetic design. His lamps are functional, adaptable and durable. He works with metal such as copper, brass and stainless steel.• Collections of industrial lamps range from works of nameless machinists to well-known designers. Each piece passes a restoration process to preserve its original form and functionality.• Reconstructions are like the imaginary monster Chimera. The lamps and objects are reconstructed with vintage materials of different industries. They are unique single pieces.• Creations are lamps designed and fabricated in small series.


Sang Pil Bae


Born in 1969 in Seoul, South Korea, he moved to New York at age 14. He studied political science and oenology. In 2006, he created Chimera Watts in Seoul and opened his gallery, The Office. With his collection of vintage industrial materials, he restored and re-designed them into unique objects of lighting. His work was shown in many galleries and museums in Seoul. He also designed lighting for restaurants, hotels, theaters, and the City of Seoul for a traditional market. He worked with architects, interior designers and artists. In 2012, he set up an atelier in Burgundy, France.




Gallery Photo warehouse, Seoul 2017
Aa Design Museum, Seoul 2016-now
Gallery Quintessence Playground, Paris 2016
Les Eclairagistes, Paris 2015-16
Gallery Candle, Seoul 2015
Luc Hovan Private Collection Showcase, Paris 2013
Gallery K, Seoul 2012
Kumho Art Museum, Seoul 2012
The Office, Seoul 2012
Turning Atelier, Seoul 2011
Baum Art Gallery, Seoul 2011
Gallery Asia, Seoul 2010
Pop Art Factory, Seoul 2009
Gwangju Biennale, Seoul 2009
Bosang Gallery, Seoul 2008




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We are pleased to announce new section called “PRÊT À POSER” was added in 2015 for lighter and smaller lamps that can easily be transported. These lamps can be purchased with Etsy where we set up a shop. Our Etsy store is called Chimera Watts Lighting.

October 9th 2014 / Exhibit at Les Eclairagistes, 17 Rue des Lombards / Paris